About Us

We are a National Independent Marketing firm that focuses on insurance and retirement planning needs for American social security recipients, as well as people of all ages. We stress career advancement, with a path and provided support for continuous growth. In only ten years, we have written hundreds of thousands of insurance policies, and provided millions in benefits to our clients.
Here’s what we do at Palmetto Senior Benefits:  
  • Set appointments with prospective clients
  • Interview prospective clients to help meet their needs
  • Recommend insurance policies, cancer policies, dental, vision    and hearing policies, and or annuities to meet the needs of        individual clients
  • Have the network to work with EVERY insurance provider in      the state
  • Service existing clients to make sure their needs are met
  • Build a cliental network
American Senior Benefits has over 45 regional offices, and over 750 brokers. At Palmetto Senior Benefits, our brokers are capable of writing policies for every company in the state, and our management team is one of the fastest growing firms in the industry. We have already expanded throughout the Upstate, in to Myrtle Beach, and in to North Carolina. 

Our Solutions

  1. 1
    Marketing Strategy
    Incomparable lead system with motivated and dedicated appointment setters!! Palmetto Senior Benefits utilizes a variety of methods to help our brokers get in front of qualified prospects!!
  2. 2
    Build Relationships
    Our brokers build relationships, and enjoy the unique experience of truly helping people. We focus on our clients, and our staff. Here at Palmetto Senior Benefits, we promote from within.
  3. 3
    Experienced support - Quick and easy access to information available anytime, anywhere. Brokers have access to products and services when their clients need them.
  4. 4
    Unparalleled Training
    With hands on training, we have built a talent network committed to continuous growth and learning. Dedicated to the development of our brokers into training and management roles, Palmetto Senior Benefits has continuous growth opportunity.